Digital marketing is a dynamic subject matter, and it may be just as dynamic and volatile as the stock market, with new trends occurring every other day. Most of these are dominated by Google, the one every brand is trying to please.

IT Now has put together some of the top digital marketing trends you must consider nailing your brand’s marketing this year. These trends make digital marketing more accessible and more efficient, and the marketer is more in control of the factors at work. Every update in the digital marketing world brings brands closer to getting more returns out of their efforts.

So, here are the top digital marketing trends for 2022.

TikTok Marketing

It was only the other day that TikTok was launched, and today we are marketing our brands on it. This is how fast the digital marketing arena changes. It is one of the top social media platforms, with more than a billion users worldwide. 

The engagement brands receive on TikTok is phenomenal, with 850 hours a month in the US alone. It received revenue of 110 million Dollars in 2021, with surfacing influencers earning hugely by sponsoring products and services of brands. 

In a nutshell, TikTok is a legit digital marketing platform as of 2021.

Power Lies with the Consumers

Consumers have shown drastic changes in buying behavior due to social media and, evidently, the pandemic. People no longer buy or engage with brands that deliver the right message to the right person. They have moved to the ‘right answer to the right question as promptly as possible.’ 

People seem to explore many options now and desire to connect to the brand and know its characteristics before making the purchase. This can be viewed as a new challenge for companies and an opportunity for those who can take it.

Social Commerce

Various brands such as Walmarts and Saks have experimented with social commerce on platforms such as TikTok and have made a fortune. This social commerce continues to grow in 2022, with TikTok ruling the social media market. 

To name a few, shoppable Livestream commerce, shoppable stories, etc., have rocked the digital marketing arena.

Simple Content

People are no longer fans of sophisticated content; in fact, copywriting has reminded us repeatedly to write and lucidly. Hilda Wong from Content Dog says that the complication of content has been ruled out, and one has to maintain clarity and understandability. 

The simplicity of content is one of the crucial digital marketing trends in 2022 and can change how brands look at content marketing.

Video Marketing

80% of audiences prefer to watch a video than read a blog. Even though both are pieces of content, the difference in the projection of ideas does affect people. The algorithms on social media and Google promote videos extensively now. Many formats, like short-form videos, have become phenomenal ways of marketing brands. 

So, say it in a video if you want to say something.


Digital marketing is the flesh and blood of brands today, driven by consistently appearing trends. Marketers need to take these changes into account and start marketing through them. The old ways of marketing are still followed, but the new ways are more habitable.

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