Digital marketing is the game changer for businesses in the present market statistics. More than 77% of businesses across the world use some aspect of digital marketing to either drive traffic to their website or apps, generate leads or boost sales. 

Experts are of the opinion that the brands that don’t incorporate any kind of digital marketing technique cannot even take their turnover to the subsistence level. More than 80% of brands across diverse industries are making money through strategically planned content marketing.

Read along to the end to find out the top 5 ways digital marketing can optimize your conversions.

What is Conversion Rate?

Conversion rate can be defined as the percentage of your website visitors or app users completing a desired action. This is termed as conversion and it is different for different businesses.

A blogger’s conversion may be his or her user signing up for newsletters, an e-commerce store’s conversion can be sale of a desired item and so on.

How to Optimize Conversions with Digital Marketing?

Even though digital marketing offers a wide range of tips and techniques for a brand in whole. But different campaigns require different tactics and strategies to be incorporated. Here are a few ways a brand can consider in order to get better conversion.

Consistent Blogging

A blog is not just written for the sake of writing especially, a business blog. It is a sea of opportunity for a brand to convert its readers into prospective leads. It can help a business by 

  • By conveying necessary information about the brand to its readers. 
  • By helping new readers understand the business better. 
  • By targeting new keywords in the market to help the ranking of the website.

It can especially help in broadening the leads funnel for the business. 90% of readers visit a blog post’s homepage and that is where you can include a lead form along with the blog post page.

Track With Analytics

Google analytics is one of the greatest tools on the planet to track every activity happening on a website. It helps track where a user lands for the first time, what the user does, how long he is there, and where he gets off. 

Information like this can help a business optimize its website pages and forms better in order to drive the traffic directly into the lead funnel. Of course your business’ USP(unique selling point) has to add value to the user.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of most performed digital marketing techniques is SEO which is basically increasing the visibility of your web pages on Google’s result page. This is a renowned strategy and if carried out properly can double a brand’s conversion rates.

It starts out by targeting a high volume and relevant keyword along with its synonyms on a single page to rank it higher on Google. This helps in driving organic traffic to the page which in turn helps in broadening the upper end of the funnel.

If more users enter the funnel, the chances are more more will come converted.


A field that digital marketing has an upper hand in is personalization. According to a study, 70% of brands claimed that they had the highest conversion from the emails that were not sent by a brand, but by a person. 

A personal email subject line, a personal touch in a blog, a customized greeting sentence and many other personalization techniques can have a mind-blowing impact on users. This ultimately drives more leads and conversions.

Retargeting and Remarketing

Do you never retarget your existing customers? Well, you may be surprised to know that they are your best chance to make a sale or conversion. Not only because you have their contact info but because they have been your customer and know your brand better than the new ones. 

With quality tracking data obtained from Google Analytics or some other paid tool available in the market, a business can efficiently target its existing base of customers.

If they have engaged on your website but did not convert, they can be retargeted using Facebook Pixel. And if they have bought your services or goods before, they can be remarketed using strategic email marketing.


Digital marketing has several ways one can utilize to drive leads and make better conversions. The above mentioned ways will vary depending upon the nature of your business. It is always a good idea to opt for services that check a majority of your boxes for optimum value for money.

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