Privacy Policy for It Now

This privacy statement is a part of IT Now’s efforts to fulfill its commitments to its clients and provide them with high-caliber services. Before using any of the services on our website, we urge all of our potential customers and website users to read the Privacy Policy. This policy could be changed to include modifications, and such changes would be communicated to our users. Users are urged to periodically review this policy to be informed of any changes.

What Do We Aim For?

Our policy seeks to educate users of our website and potential customers about our best practices and the security measures in place to protect your data. Users’ requested services are not recommended, and affiliates provided the information.

With the exception of networks, applications, B2B directories, and online partners, we obtain the majority of our data directly from clients. Additionally, it is taken from census archives and public sources. You may be confident that the data and your personal information will only belong to IT Now and won’t be shared with any other parties.

What Kind of Data Do We Collect?

Personal Information- Phone number, Email ID, Name, Address, etc.

To manage your account and comprehend your preferences, this information is used. We communicate with users via email, provide services and special discounts, and address their questions. We occasionally send out marketing and promotional emails about our services. 

It can come via our website, newsletters, sign-up forms, events, questions, and even downloaded information that has been recorded. The goal is to analyze how you used our services to deliver targeted and customized results.

Non-Personal Information

Even if our clients and site visitors don’t directly provide us with their information for recording, we can nevertheless get the information from a variety of sources. Included in this are, but not limited to:

– The type of operating system and web browser the user is using to access our website.

– Website activity time stamps.

– Registered page access and clicks

– The length of time and bounce rate a user spent seeing a product to determine their interests

– The users’ downloads of cookies and other online identifiers allow us to track user activity and identify user behavior.

– An IP address that identifies the device and the user’s location

– User clickstream data and URL information to assist us to determine the initial platform utilized to reach 

Our Cookies Policy

We apply cookies to deliver tailored information that is pertinent to your interests. We need to examine your user behavior and understand how you interact with our services in order to offer you such customized information. Cookies are data files that save your information, such as your online behavior or your sign-in credentials, by understanding your interests and how our site is used.

Every time you visit our site, you don’t need to manually enter your credentials because pertinent data is saved to make surfing more individualized. You can choose to reject all cookies, but if you do, we cannot guarantee a tailored user experience. IT Now collaborates with other websites to improve the usability and accessibility of our services for users.

We have no control over the terms and expiration date of our partners’ cookie policies and tracking tools. Before allowing or rejecting cookies, users are recommended to review the terms of the privacy policy of the third-party website. You are free to stop using any of our services at any time and to stop sending us emails directly.

Your Data is Protected 

We place a high priority on the security of all the user data we acquire from them. To maintain the security and accuracy of your data, we routinely audit our databases. We take further steps to restrict access to approved members exclusively both physically and online. To prevent any alteration, manipulation, removal, or breach of user data, our firewalls are carefully designed.

We kindly ask you to be aware that our website contains external links, and you browse them at your own risk. By agreeing to the terms of this Privacy Policy, you realize that we do not advocate for any external links you may see on our website.

How Do You Contact Us?

You can get in touch with our staff at any moment if you have any questions or issues about our privacy policy. Regarding your worries, we are very open and honest in our responses. You can contact us using the information below: