Partner with IT Now for Exclusive Benefits

Accelerate your growth by accessing bonuses and partnership benefits

    Why Partner with Us

    Partnering with IT Now can give you the edge you were looking for. Your loyalty means a lot to us and we want to prove it to you!

    Enhanced Priority and Support

    Partners will receive priority assistance in resolving any issues or inquiries.

    Reduced Charges

    Our partners can enjoy reduced charges on services and products.

    Unparalleled Quality

    We guarantee a 92% accuracy rate in data customization.

    Access to Top-Level Authorities

    Grab the opportunity to work directly with industry experts and decision-makers.

    No Minimum Billing

    No order is small so we don’t keep anything into minimum billing.

    How the Partnership Works

    By partnering with us, you can access benefits both while purchasing our email lists and after. We offer extended support and bonuses, along with a 20% referral bonus to our esteemed partners.

    Referral Fee Structure

    We offer a 20% referral bonus for companies that refer clients to us.

    Frequent Purchases Bonus

    Partners who make frequent purchases will receive an additional bonus.

    Partners who make frequent purchases will receive an additional bonus.

    Who Can Partner With Us?

    Marketing Agencies

    Email Campaign Platforms

    Digital Marketing Firms

    Freelancers - Marketing

    Bulk Mailing Companies

    Direct Marketing Agencies

    How to Become a Partner

    Becoming a partner takes just 4 simple steps. Here is how you can do IT Now!

    Reach out to our team and sign up as a partner

    Purchase our email lists from industries that resonate with you

    Refer us to potential businesses that can benefit from us

    Engage with our content and initiatives (we will engage with you too!)

    Case Study

    A digital marketing agency in the USA partnered with us and purchased about 3 email lists monthly. They leveraged their partnership with IT Now to tailor their campaigns by using accurate data, resulting in a 15% increase in their email conversion rates within the first quarter of the partnership.

    By becoming a partner with IT Now, a bulk mailing company in the USA gained access to a 92% accuracy rate in data customization for their email campaigns. This level of precision allowed them to offer more targeted email services to their clients. Additionally, they utilized the frequent purchases bonus to further optimize their budget, resulting in a 20% increase in repeat business from existing clients.

    As a collective of freelancers, a marketing community benefited from the partnership by gaining reduced charges on email lists. This enabled them to allocate more resources to strategic campaign planning. By engaging with IT Now’s content and initiatives, they formed a strong working relationship that led to joint webinars and workshops. This collaborative approach resulted in a 30% increase in leads generated through their campaigns.


    Can I benefit from the partnership immediately after signing up?

    Yes, as soon as your partnership is approved, you’ll gain access to enhanced priority and support, reduced charges, and the opportunity to work with industry experts. You can start enjoying these benefits right away.

    How do I earn the 20% referral bonus?

    When you refer clients to us and they make a purchase, you’ll receive a referral bonus equivalent to 20% of their total purchase value. This is our way of thanking you for your support and trust in our services. Sometimes, agencies will buy behalf of a client so we can reduce the invoice amount of 20% or we are ready to remit the referral fee to your account.

    Is there a minimum purchase requirement to qualify for bonuses?

    While there isn’t a fixed minimum purchase requirement, our partners who make frequent purchases will receive additional bonuses. The exact structure of these bonuses can be discussed with our team once you’re a partner. No Minimum billing will be followed for partners. You can buy for $100 too.

    What are the criteria for becoming a partner with IT Now?

    We are looking for partners that can mutually benefit from our services. If you are a market research business or any other entity (which we mentioned below), we would love to connect and discuss further.

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