Data appending is to enhance your emails to gain more potential customers and to turn your prospects into long-lasting leads. Data is of paramount importance! But it is useless if it is inaccurate.

What inaccuracies are we talking about?

There are several customer databases available these days that lack complete or accurate information – often due to a lack of consistent updating. Some entries may:

  • Lack of the right home or work numbers
  • An outdated address
  • An email address that is rarely checked by the customer
  • Emails that constantly bounce back as undeliverable
  • Job titles, gender, and other key details that enable you to target them accurately

If you are trying to establish your target audience and deliver some unique content as per their preferences, you cannot achieve it without accurate data!

How can I append my data?

By appending your data set, you will notice a richer database of customer information. Your database’s overall accuracy will be improved and you can keep updating your variable data. There may be times when people have multiple contact numbers or email addresses, which you need to keep enquiring and updating for best results. Maybe the sources of data didn’t request the complete information and you have an incomplete data set.

In any case, an experienced digital marketing agency can help you get your data sorted and target your contacts more accurately! This will greatly help you make a database of information and then match them against verified sources to ensure quality information.

What benefits do I gain at a cost-effective price?

You primarily gain more information – good data appending will help you add or remove details for individuals or businesses. You could restrict your data to just names, phone numbers, job titles, and email IDs – or you could elaborate on their financial details such as credit score and income level. Some even append social media information which is crucial to understand the audience and their buying behavior.

Another benefit of accurate data appending is the seamless method of correcting typos, updating ZIP codes, fixing unclear names, validating email addresses, checking for errors, fact-checking, etc. Any experienced agency will tell you that it is always a good idea to rely on multiple sources to enhance the accuracy of the information gathered. You can also reduce your waste or junk data. This includes services that cut costs, save time, and make your work easier to enhance productivity such as:

  • Undelivered mails returning to you
  • More time for staff to efficiently do their jobs
  • Invalid phone numbers
  • Email bounce backs that are costly and time-consuming
  • A lack of proper mailing list management
  • Post-mailing cleanup tasks

Enhanced segmentation

Your marketing and sales teams will bloom once you can segment and sort through your data. With targeted ads and content, you can help pinpoint customers and plan sales trips that will customize the way they are targeted. This will improve organizational efficiency and can be achieved within 2-3 weeks of providing the agency with your database.

The process is extremely affordable and you can churn out better reports, and targeted content, easily identify errors, find new information, and generate faster conversions! Contact our experienced agents to kickstart your journey of tracking, contacting, marketing, selling, and following up with your prospects! Reach out to the right audience and enhance your marketing and sales channels by contacting our experts today!

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