If the last few years have taught us anything, it is the need to have a presence that is easily accessible to people who live across the street from your business as well as those who live across the continent. And, it has become possible through the use of digital marketing and social media in particular. The first step to using social media to the best extent for a business starts with choosing the right platforms. For instance, a B2C business could largely benefit from platforms like Facebook and Instagram, while for a B2B brand, LinkedIn is imperative. While there are vast differences in how media works for different companies, the basics remain the same:

1. Understand your audience better

This starts with pointing out who your audience is. Be it someone in their 20s entering the corporate world or someone in their middle age with a decade of experience, knowing who is consuming your content makes it easier to put your brand out there. Some may wonder why this is important. Knowing your audience helps you pick the brand language, tonality, and even the unique selling points that will appeal to those particular demographics. Start with creating at least three sample personas to understand the possible challenges, lifestyle, and necessities of your audience. Remember, the potential audience is potential customers.

2. Experiment with different post styles

This is a concept every marketer will swear by. There is no single style of post that works for every type of follower. However, to engage the masses, experimenting with different styles will bring in better traction. More importantly, when you go back to look at insights, you will get a better idea of what type of posts are working while also understanding their content consumption behavior. These insights will help build a solid social media strategy with diverse content buckets.

3. Create conversations and engage with your audience

This is important irrespective of how big the brand is. The point of using social media is not merely to have a presence but to be able to communicate and engage with people who follow the brand. It is the place to have contextual conversations with people who could become your potential customers. Using questions, polls, and stories to make them talk to your brand while also responding back to them is a great way of showing that you are not just a brand that speaks, but also one that listens to them and replies. Moreover, create your posts and post copies in such a manner that they invite comments from the audience.

4. Enter the world of hashtags

Does the world of hashtags seem daunting to you as you step into social media marketing? Don’t worry, it is fairly straightforward. Look for hashtags that align with the content of your posts and check on their popularity. You can also look into how many hashtags are optimal for each platform: and how many can be too much. If you ask us, though, we’d say, pick the relevant hashtags and keep your posts as uncluttered as possible!

5. Stay consistent

The golden advice for social media marketing is to stay consistent. By this, we mean that you plan on posting a certain number of times per day/week and follow through. Moreover, it is also essential to be consistent in terms of content: your audience can get used to looking forward to certain types of content at certain intervals, do not keep them waiting!

Follow these tips, and you are sure to ace the social media marketing game! If you think your brand could do with a little more help, reach out to us!

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