Best Email Marketing Lead Generation Strategies

Emails have always proven to be one of the most effective as well as quick methods for the process of generating business leads.  But whom do you send emails to? Moreover, email marketing involves thousands if not more email recipients. Hence, you need to have an active list of email subscribers or must have an email database generated for you. But that is only the beginning and one must not forget the actual purpose of these email campaigns – generation of leads. For that you must have attracted the interest of readers and gained their trust. This post explores the best strategies on how you can achieve those.

Personalization- Think of it. Even a normal person loves it if you address the person by name speak to him or her of relevant interests. So, why must leads be treated differently? After all, there is a probability that they can be converted to leads. Hence, first gather data about the intended email recipients such as their names, interests, brand interaction, demographics, what they look for in a product/service.

Good Copywriting- For an effective generation of leads through emails, content in these emails must be impressive and well presented.  Also, templates have to be prepared for mass emails. That is, after considering every aspect of recipients such as their demographics, time zones, interests, etc. Beyond this, use easy to read fonts, format the text properly and add a clearly visible Call-To-Action in the form of a back-link or phone number.

 Right Schedule– It is very important to send emails at the right time. In addition to different time zones, the attention span of customers must also be considered. For example, sending marketing emails first thing in the morning will be totally of no use.  It is exactly like receiving spam telephone calls as soon as you switch your phone in the morning! No one would want that, right? Hence, schedule your emails after good planning.

 Referral Bonuses- Everyone loves rewards! Hence, you can offer bonuses/discounts or special offers to clients who responded to your emails. That will be a win-win situation for all involved. Existing leads will continue partnering with you and will also bring in new leads. Brands do follow this strategy extensively as it provides a more qualified lead.

 Mobile Optimization- Though mentioned last, this is important and covers some of the points explained earlier in this post. Most emails are checked via mobiles.  Hence, the appearance of your emails (font, font size, colors etc.) have to be optimized for suiting mobile screens.

 These are just the basics of lead generation strategies through email marketing. There is a lot more involved in organizing them and maintaining these emails as recurring tasks. Sounds complex?  Relax, IT Now Technologies can take care of that for you. We are an experienced digital marketing firm in Casper (Wyoming), United States. Reach out to us via mail, phone or visit to revolutionize your email marketing experience.


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