Do's and Don’ts of Email Database Management

Data has been the building blocks of all businesses and everything highlighted in the progress of mankind. And the same importance must be given to email lists, meant for email marketing services. Email list management can be defined as the management of a contact database in lists and segments. An email database may include blog/software subscribers, customers, trial users, and more. But there are some specific guidelines while managing email databases and we are completely aware of them. IT Now Technologies is one of the best email marketing companies in the U.S.

Our process of email database management and email marketing is very organized.  The following are some of the dos and don’ts we follow while managing email databases along with scheduling emails. 


Segmentation- We apply filters to easily find a set of subscribers that have something in common. Examples include age, premium customers, subscription dates, geo-location, gender, and more.

Consider this; an email database may feature hundreds of high-level executives that you wish to reach out for your b2b email marketing services. Our segmentation process makes the process quick and effective.

Simpler Reporting- Regular reports will be created with data visualization, or the use of infographics. In addition to these, reports will be created in simple texts and/or Excel sheets. Reports will feature the total number of emails in the database, various segments, geo-locations from which responses are the most, and more.

Reengagement Emails- These will be sent to subscribers who opted out or are not much active. A couple of emails will be sent for this purpose. Also, further segmentation or “tags” will be set to different contacts on the list. For example, emails are first sent to active contacts; i.e., those who open the emails. These are tagged “Engaged”.  For those who did not open the first email, another email to verify that they are interested in what you have to offer. If there is still no response, a tag of “Unengaged” will be set.


Only Manual Integration- The massive amount of data that is available, would take longer periods of time as well as more human resources, if data integration is done manually. Hence, we at IT Technologies prefer automation of data integration. We will used advanced AI and Big Data tools to achieve this.

Anxious Follow-ups- Steps for building email lists and email management can be time-consuming. But that doesn’t mean we anxiously wait for some responses do repeated follow-ups.  Being an experienced email marketing company, we are aware that patience is a virtue which will bear fruits. We thus accurately manage databases and follow a systematic approach in email marketing for more open rates, better responses and a well-maintained email list.

We hope you have got clarity on why IT Now Technologies has the advantage in email database management services and email marketing. Reach out to us with your specific requirements. We are excited to hear from you.


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