As social media takes over different aspects of life, businesses are increasingly embracing it as a place to showcase their presence. Some succeed at creating and engaging with an online community of responsive people who enjoy their interactions with the brand, while others take a while to get there. Have you wished for social media tips so you could play your cards right? We’ve got a few suggestions for you!

Social Media Tips: What to Do

1.Have a social media strategy

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A common mistake many businesses make with social media is that they dive head-first into it without planning their path. However, social media strategy is crucial—it’s not enough to simply create pages and overload them with information. You need to chalk out your aim from social media and use content to meet your goals. Further, creating a social media strategy is not a one-time process; it needs to be reviewed every couple of months to ensure that things are on track!

2.Create guidelines for social media

Handling social media for a business can be vastly different from handling your personal account, and when you have a team working on it, things can quickly get messy. Hence, it’s best to create a social media policy ahead of time. Your social media guidelines should include tips on engaging creatively to build the brand’s presence and nipping negativity in the bud.

3. Prepare a content calendar

Imagine having to come up with the idea of a post at the last minute. Very often, if you cannot think of the right thing to put up, you could end up becoming irregular with your posting. Or worse, you could be putting up posts that do not reflect your brand and its values or align with your social media strategy. The best way to avoid this is to create a calendar ahead of time so that your business can post on social media consistently.

4. Use varied types of content

Many brands use the same type of content with their social media, be it posts, images, or blogs. However, what keeps a brand’s social media page refreshing is a mix of a variety of content types, including pictures, photographs, videos, and written content. Visually-heavy content goes a long way in enticing your audience and keeping them interested in your page.

5. Double-check your social media posts

While it might seem obvious to edit and proofread all posts before they go up, you will be surprised at how often mistakes are overlooked because someone rushed through these crucial steps! Check for spelling and grammar before you post: companies putting up content with consistent errors on these fronts are seen as lacking in attention to detail. This doesn’t mean that content needs to be checked before posting; one of the most crucial social media tips is to recheck your post immediately after it goes up. Double-check the images and videos used or links shared, if any.

Social Media Tips: What to Avoid

1. Ignore the audience

On social media, your biggest cheerleader is your audience, so this tip goes without saying—make sure your audience is engaged. Your brand should respond to comments and DMs in a timely manner. Also, make sure that you acknowledge and thank those who mention your brand or shed a positive light on your posts through their channels. You need to earn and keep the goodwill of your followers!

2. Focus only on selling

We understand that the focus of being on social media is to popularize your product. However, your brand needs to focus actively on engaging its audience. Interactive posts and helpful content about your products help keep your audience interested, as opposed to posts solely focused on selling your products. Consider an 80:20 ratio of engaging posts to product or service promotions to enjoy the best of both worlds!

3. Indulge in arguments or let negativity fester

An important social media tip that many forget is that brands cannot allow negativity to drag them under. While we cannot completely avoid negative remarks or disparaging comments, they are best handled tactfully. Ensure that rebuttals to any arguments are handled professionally and as swiftly as possible.

4. Forget the human element

Social media thrives on the human touch. While many brands make the mistake of creating impersonal social media posts, it can make your brand seem unapproachable and aloof. Showcase the human side of your brand—this gives your brand a more authentic feel and encourages trust.

5. Neglect Performance Analysis

Analyzing past social media posts gives you an insight into how your audience is reacting to your posts and the kind of content they actually want to see. Unless you check social media stats and analyze your business performance regularly, how do you review how your brand is being seen and chalk a path for improvement?

Social media marketing is no longer a choice for businesses; it has become the need of the hour. To keep up with the changing times, begin the process of social media marketing for your business today! 

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