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To reach your contacts directly through email without worrying about incorrect or incomplete email addresses.
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IT Now comprises a team of driven individuals who have years of experience in sales and lead generation. We can compile the best database of contacts that will get you good conversions and last long.

You will have complete transparency and control over the content to segment and edit it as per your preferences. Want it in ascending order? Go for it! Want to feature people from a specific location? Just the tap of a button will do it!

Email List/Mailing List services

For Email Marketing

Get marketing prospects through email.

Lead generation

For Sales Leads

Obtain ready to be converted sales leads.

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Make 3 times more conversions than before.

Attention Mortgage Brokers and Realtor Professionals!

Build a commercial real estate niche, and be prepared for presenting properties to investors or lenders like the Pros. We can teach you. Learn how to structure the financing and also sell Apartment buildings. The foundation to the commercial real estate market begins with multifamily – apartment properties – then to Mixed Use, Commercial, Industrial, Mobile Home Parks, Self Storage, Hotels and Assisted Living Facilities. We can set you on the path to increased income with our FREE set up template and some training to get you started. No obligation on your part. One of the important features you will learn is the 80/20 rule… 80 percent of the results come from 20 percent of your efforts.

In both PowerPoint Presentation’s listed below, you must click after each slide. This is so you may scan and peruse the slide before continuing.

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Mortgage Brokers

Mortgage Broker Apartment Pro, is a FREE excel template for loan sizing, estimating expenses and submitting loans to lenders for conventional multifamily properties.

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Weekly Seminars

Seminars will be scheduled weekly starting in February 2023. Feel free to contact us to receive the free templates and to be notified of the seminar schedule. Customized seminars for your local market are available upon request.

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Build an Empire

Would you like to make more money, build a commercial real estate niche, and be prepared for presenting properties to investors like the Pros with Set-Ups or Offering Memorandum's?

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Financial Updates

The Financing Update PDF, will be updated monthly. This PDF is included in the realtor and mortgage broker seminar training for purchase transactions for maximum loan proceeds.

The collaboration of a lifetime Between IT Now and Mr. Lee!

The collaboration of a lifetime!

Meet Mr. Lee, an energetic and experienced professional in the world of commercial real estate. He specializes in apartment building acquisitions and has worked for various companies over the last three decades!

He has used Apartment Pro and Bridge Loan Pro templates to impart the power of his knowledge worldwide. Realtors, mortgage brokers, and investors benefit from his seminars and simple summaries.

We are delighted to have such expertise on-board as it gives us scope for mutual success and new horizons to reach!

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