Adding simplicity to your website to bring in more traffic

Websites need to be informative and unique to truly stand out for customers. People browse at least five websites per day. To make them remember yours, you need to be both persuasive and subtle with your marketing.

While trying to achieve this, many brands end up complicating their websites and lack a proper flow of thought. This results in them having complex designs that push their customers away.

Read on to know some effective approaches to designing and preparing content for your next website. We say this as in web design, less is always more!

1. Have clear CTAs

Focus on what you want your audience to do after reading your content. Do you want them to fill out a contact form? Or sign up for your newsletter? Or do you wish to redirect them to a payment gateway or some social media platforms?

Have clear Calls To Action (CTAs) to help your audience take the next desirable step after viewing your website. If this is not included, your audience will just read your content and leave. Your traffic will increase but people won’t convert!

2. Focus on one target group of people

Who are you trying to reach using your website? What are their needs and how do they like being communicated to? For example, if your brand sells ladies’ cosmetics, try to use colors and language women can resonate with.

If it is for the millennial or post-millennial generation, go for quirky designs and a lot of slang terms. This will grab their attention and pique their curiosity to keep reading what you have to say. It will also prevent your website from getting too messy and turning all over the place.

3. Use storytelling to convey messages

People think it is useful to detail the smallest points about their products to help them stand out. While this does clear any ambiguity for your audience, it gets too boring and redundant. People who wish to quickly peruse your content and make a decision will get tired of reading too much info.

Keep your content short and crisp – use storytelling strategies to convey what your brand does for your clients. It will help you keep things short while conveying specifications effectively using infographics. The retention factor also comes into play as your audience can recall your brand and offerings more clearly.

4. Avoid duplicate content and links

Have an updated sitemap that merges duplicate content. Your audience needs to know one thing and gets redirected somewhere else. They then need to know exactly what to do from there and not find multiple pages with the same content.

Your links need to take customers to the right pages and not missing ones. The same page must not exist with two different names – maybe even articles or videos that are relevant in multiple instances. Have FAQs at the end of pages but don’t have the same set of questions everywhere.

5. Use keywords to highlight your product’s USPs

Keywords will help you improve readability and rank high on SERPs. Use short blogs that have keywords with good search volumes so you appear in search results. This will help you communicate clearly to the buyer using terminology they are familiar with.

Adding keywords to product descriptions and web pages will help multiple pages pop up when your client searches for something. For example, if you are a therapist specializing in depression and anxiety, ensure that your name appears for any of the clinical cases you specialize in.

Summing up

With the right content conveyed with focused precision, you can make your traffic and lead generation skyrocket. Customers will be more willing to read long-form content if they have infographics. Have unique CTAs all over the website to keep people moving through it and spending more time on your site.

If you found this useful and wish to enhance your website with vital information, click here to speak to our experts. We can help you revamp your website both on-page and off-page with the right blogs and backlinks.


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