Your website is like a teaser for your audience as to how qualified your brand is to handle its services! It is the first impression customers are going to gain and will be the deciding factor if your leads will convert to sales!

Common mistakes people make on their websites

The primary mistake most people make is not checking if their website is mobile-friendly! A lot of customers access data and websites through their smartphones these days and if your website is not optimized for mobile view, then you are missing out! The same goes for a modern design with attractive UX/UI elements. If your interface is of poor quality, has a slow loading speed, and doesn’t have good calls to action, how can you expect your audience to stay on your site?

What are some mandatory things for your website?

It’s time to reduce your bounce rate and enhance your clicks! Here are 6 mandatory things every website needs to project itself as the market expert:

  • Proper sitemap: Your sitemap is a way to organize your website and specify the data under each domain. Without a good sitemap, search engines cannot effectively source your pages and identify URLs. In short, if you want your data to get found and optimize, you are going to have to bring home a strong sitemap!
  • Live chatbots: It makes sense that you can’t stay logged into your website at all times or have your phone glued to your ear. It is a smart choice to automate some processes and bring in live chatbots. You can engage the audience at any time and no matter which location they are from – plus the messages can be customized to make the person feel like they are speaking to an actual person!
  • Strong backlinks: Backlinks are just as important as website content and blogs. Backlinks will help you redirect users from one web page to the next or generate more traffic for your website. Rather than constantly posting blogs on your website, try articles and guest posts on third-party sites and redirect users to your page. You can also leverage the popularity of the other websites and bring in new users while nurturing existing ones.
  • Good GMB profile: Have you ever searched for a business on Google and found the Google My Business (GMB) profile on the side? Would you rather keep scrolling through the endless websites linked in the search results or quickly check the contact details, web link, and address through the GMB listing? Ensure that you have a good GMB profile and like your articles, it too is ranked on SERPs.
  • Authentic SSL certificate: An SSL certificate is vital to make your website secure. It adds to your authenticity and convinces people to check out your website without risking their data. What’s more, you can verify the ownership of your website and prevent attackers from creating fake prototypes of your website to dupe users. The bottom line is to keep your website and user data secure and build trust!
  • Buttons: As mentioned, how will your audience know what to do if you haven’t specified proper calls to action? Have CTA buttons located at different parts of your website – a WhatsApp chat icon floating at the top right, a contact form at the footer, a sign-up button for your weekly newsletter, and so on.

Above all these details, the core aspect of any website is content! Content is king and it conveys what all your brand can do for the audience without compromising on its budget and quality. If you wish to optimize your website and power pack it with the important information, contact our experts! Browse through our services to know how we can curate unique and target content to project your brand as the market expert and build trust!

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