Regarding customer service, fast matters; the faster you serve your audience or customers, the better you will be for Google. Consequently, a website that loads more quickly is preferred by Google and is ranked higher on Google result pages. 

The threshold fixed for the load time of a website by Google is under two seconds, and experts believe that a website should load in under one second. That said, websites that load faster receive more traffic and have better conversion rates.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the top 3 reasons why you should check your website loading speed today.

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Website Loading Speed Matters

#1 User Attention Span is Way Short

No matter how well your website is designed, if it’s slow, users will feel disentitled using it, and they will move on to something else. And since we all want our websites to be successful, it’s vital to get around to addressing technical issues or else begin looking for ways that you can optimize performance so that people do not feel unpleasant waiting for your web page to load.

Fast websites are the backbone of any website’s user experience, and they give visitors what they want at their fingertips in a friendly and quick digestible format. And seeing that an average user’s attention span is surprisingly short, fast loading is necessary for conversion.

#2 Website Loading Speed is a Direct SEO Ranking Factor

As per the Google algorithm, websites with faster loading speeds will have the upper hand in SEO ranking. Website speed can also directly affect bounce rates and user session time; Google makes it mandatory for the sake of the user for a website to load in under a second. 

Suppose a visitor isn’t allowed to engage with you based on functionality issues like a slow loading page. In that case, it undermines the trust you have built up in previous interactions, thus giving them less reason to return.

#3 It is About Your Credibility

Your business website is the index of your brand, and a compromisation in its performance on the internet will affect your value and credibility as a business.

Website loading speed stands out among other elements of a successful business in 2022. A fast website is connotations of more traffic, better conversion rates, low bounce rates, unprecedented customer retention, and excellent user experience. Most of these are SEO ranking factors, and the remaining are crucial for a business to grow. 

Therefore, a fast website is a golden ticket to business growth with online marketing.

Wrapping up

We at IT Now understand what a business website means to a brand. Therefore, our constant endeavor is to improve the website performance with the help of our expert developers and SEO specialist. Contact us today if you have a slow-loading website and are concerned about it affecting your business prospects.

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